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About Findabite

Instead of dishing out reviews from strangers - we discovered our users wanted genuine and relevant meal recommendations from people they know and trust.

Who we are

Findabite Inc. is a tech start up based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our iOS app connects the best restaurants and meals with people and their network.

Our team

If you think you can contribute to the success of our company, please apply below!

Brett Hushon

Brett grew up in South Charlotte. His biggest strength is being a quick thinker. His favorite food is Mexican because...TACO TUESDAY!

Jack Wohlfert
CTO & Co-Founder

Coming soon

Logan Benson
CEO & Co-Founder

Logan grew up in the Ballantyne area. His biggest strength is problem solving. His favorite food is Sushi because of its variety and taste.

Dimitri Gonzales

Dimitri grew up in the Matthews area. His biggest strength is building relationships. His favorite food is Mexican, because it reminds him of family.

Jennings Cool
Digital Media Specialist

Jennings was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Her hobbies include writing, rock climbing, and, of course, eating. Although a cheeseburger may be her go-to guilty pleasure meal, sushi, pizza and sweet potato fries are also ranked pretty high on her favorite food list.

Laurene Burton

Laurene is a vibrant, *nacho* average talking, taste and experience obsessed, Italian foodie from upstate NY, who specializes in bringing light through words when it comes to her food. Her late “king”, her Poppie, was the biggest influence growing up when it comes to her love of eating. Favorite food? Spaghet! (Pasta).

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The foundation of our company’s success is built on the strength, talent and diversity of our team.

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